SAEKO是这个牌子的名字同时也是人的名字 SAEKO是日本一名很出名的女演员
除了演员还是模特儿和电影人  包装上面的也是她本人自己
她对化妆也很有研究  现在目前只是出了她最注重的Eyeliner还有Mascara

特黑的mascara  是plastic梳子形状的 
包装是半玻璃的 跟平时的mascara不一样 

Product Features :
  • Glamorous Pitch Black Mascara
Elegant, dense and deep vivid black. Stands out each and every lash to create a natural look. Its non-clumping 'smooth coat' formula allows multiple layers without clumps. Sweep from lash base to tips for natural and defined eyes.
  • Long Comb Firmly Catches Short and Thin Lashes
Long comb specially designed to comb lashes from the root. Brushing effectively from lash base creates natural full lashes. Easy to use on corner of the eyes and lower lashes. Separates each lash for elegant finish.
  • Continually Curls Lashes Throughout The Day!
'Curl up' wax stands out lashes from the root, while 'keep up' wax continually curls lashes throughout the day. This fast-drying mascara will lengthen your lashes with every layer. Achieve beautiful defining eyes all day long.
  • High Resistance To Sweat and Tears
Specially formulated 'triple-block' polymer promotes effective water resistance. The adhesive film resists water and sebum, preventing mascara from creating panda eyes. Get in a pool or ocean without having mascara running down your face.

=================Waterproof Test================
包装上并没有写waterproof  只是写'high sweat & tear resistance'  但是我有冲水试了 跟waterproof没有差别也
冲水后我rub mascara并没有容易的被擦掉  我想应该可以说是waterproof吧  

=====================After =====================

================== My Review ==================

SAEKO Bonavoce Ultra Long Mascara颜色够黑 看起来眼睛特别有神 
睫毛看起来长了很多 就像包装上写的那样 是ultra long的效果
但是睫毛没有很翘  只是有长的效果而已  梳子的形状很容易从根部刷起 
虽然包装上没有写是waterproof  只是写High resistance to sweat and tears
但是做了waterproof test后 他就和waterproof的产品差不多  所以不需要担心熊猫眼啦

Price : -
SASA outlet 

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