Now that spring is on its way we’re starting to see the beginnings of new trends for the season. Ombre hair color has kept its momentum, but its evolving into new variations of colors and application styles into the so called dip dyehair color. Its similar to an ombre and color melting technique but is more focused on just the ends and usually encompasses a bright fashion color! Seeing as how 70’s Beach technicolor is all the rage this spring, we’ll be seeing equally as vibrant takes with the hair.

guess what?!!!

 I dipped my hair few days ago!
I dipped end of my hair :) 
sponsored by Kelly Hair Unisex Salon ♥ 

Imma go to Kelly Hair Unisex Salon tmrw again,

cos I wanted to trim my hair, as you can see end of hair is very dry now, 

and dip my hair again, to a lil bit brighter

It's gold color now.

I don't like gold,

I want to bleach it to blonde :P 

spot the diff ? 
two colors :D 

my bang grow so fast

goodnight :)